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Visit Bhutan The Land of Gross National Happiness Country

"Kuzu-zang-po" and welcome to Bhutan on net with Bhutan Festival Tours & Treks

Bhutan lies as the country which is undiscovered for the world even in this 21st century. It has the unique features before world, for which most of the visitors around the globe waits to come once in their life time. With the enchanting cultures and tradition, Bhutan still preserves the right of being Bhutanese even under the influence of the modern activities in infinite way. It's unique activities as festivals, culture and even its geographical factors provides, one as a tourist, the adventure, Learning and the pure atmosphere to spent the holiday, so called "The Perfect Holiday Destination".

Bhutan Festival Tours & Treks offers all rounded tour packages starting off with small cultural tour to high level trekking. We have the best professional guides, deeply waiting to provide you the world class tour yet a Bhutanese Tour. Bhutan Festival Tours & Treks has also a country wide relations and selected hotels & resorts to provide our visitors a comfortable and secured stay while in Bhutan.

We arrange for your lodging, your meals and your transportation and also workout with itineraries that will please you and that will let you see as much of our country, which will create an unforgettable memory in you. If you are trekking, we make certain, that all the equipment is in good order and that all the arrangements are made ranging from porters and ponies to food and other supplies. If you are touring, we arrange the best possible rooms for you in each of our various government approved lodging house, comfortable 4WD vehicle and Road Safety & Transport Authority (RSTA under Royal Government of Bhutan) licensed drivers.

Let us provide you with what we promised tour to Bhutan with Bhutan Festival Tours & Treks

Thank you for spending your precious time to go through our website.



Bhutan at a Glance


Location :North East of India & South of China (Tibet) ,Area : 38,394 square km , Altitude : 180 meters to 7550 meters above sea level,Population : Approximately 720,000 as of 2005, Government Type : Constitutional Monarchy (Democracy from 2008), Religion : Mahayana Buddhism , Official Language : Dzongkha , Capital City : Thimphu , Currency : Ngultrum (Nu) at par with Indian Rupee.

Festival Calendar 2014-2015


Festivals in Bhutan takes place at different times of year, regarding to place to place. "Tshechu" known to the localities of Bhutan for festival, comes in a form of religious activities, and the time when people gathers, with their best attires. Festivals are celebrated on 10th Day of particular month, so the name "Tshechu" was derived, ("Tshe" means Date and "Chu" means 10).Read more..





Tashi is a highly professional tour guide who is dedicated to his work. He is highly knowledgeable in Bhutan’s history and culture, but above all he is excellent in dealing with problems such as last-minute changes in tour schedules as a result of road conditions or weather. He always manages to create new opportunities. He is definitely the best tour guide in Bhutan. I highly recommend Tashi for a tour guide in the wonderful land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. Sam Chuma.  Read More...

Bhutan 2008

After several centuries of divided rule by various influential families, His Majesty, the first King Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck unified Bhutan under the name of "Drukyul–The Land of the Thunder Dragon” .... Read more

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